The Village sign, Little Snoring, Norfolk
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Over the years, studies have shown that men snore more than women, and older men snore the most. Men snore twice as much as women, and you don’t have to search far to figure out why.

Men are more likely to have more loose tissue in the back of the throat, along with fatter necks and bigger tongues. Men are also most prone to the behaviors and bad habits linked to snoring: smoking, drinking alcohol, overeating. Men also tend to sleep on their backs more often than women – opening the snoring “floodgates”.

Women do start to catch up with the men in snoring frequency after menopause, due to the reduction in estrogen, which helps breathing.

As we age, there are two common bodily changes that often occur: we gain more weight and lose muscle tone – both can lead to snoring. This is why an estimated 80% of all people (men and women) over age 60 snore often.

Based on these facts, is there anyone left out there that doesn’t snore?

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